Planning A Visit

Before Your Library Visit ...
Here are some quick tips to maximize your time at the Mathews Memorial Library:
  • Fill out an Ancestral Chart with names, dates & places. Start with yourself (no. 1). If you don't know exact dates estimate them.
  • Gather more information from family members and relatives.
  • Fill in a Family Group Record with information from your Ancestral Chart, and include additionial information with sources.
  • Choose an Ancestral Line from your Ancestral Chart that you would like to know more about.
  • Identify questions you want to answer about your ancestor, and create a Research Log.
  • Select one or two questions as an objective. In general, find out about the ancestor's death before the marriage and the marriage before the birth.
  • Verify what you know, and then use it to look for what you don't know.


Mathews Memorial Library's Online Catalog

  • Search the Library's Online Catalog for books, genealogies, documents, manuscripts, photographs, etc. before your visit.
  • Make a list of the materials that are likely to contain the answers to your questions. Be sure to include title, call number and location. 


While at the Mathews Memorial Library

  • Bring any information you have that relates to the people or questions you are researching.
  • Bring your laptop, flash drive and/or hand-held scanner.
  • Visit with our Historian/Genealogist, she can create a research strategy to help you find the information you want to learn. 
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Heritage Quest

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Mathews Oral History Project

The Mathews County Historical Society is engaged in an ongoing project to record and create permanent records of stories that residents have to tell. Read more.

Families of Mathews

Over 10,000 families of Mathews County, Virginia and their connections!

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