Week 4 - Our World Tomorrow

week4Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, August 1

Get Inspired, Get Going

You’ve been given a big task – to make your community, our state, our country and the world a better place in which to live. You may think you’re not up to the task; you may ask what one person can do. Perhaps if we work together and think of what it means to be a better friend, neighbor and citizen, you will see that each of us can make a difference. Today will be your chance to start.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, August 2

Pay It Forward

You’ve heard stories and learned about where you live and who might have lived here a long time ago. Today, let’s talk about how you can be a better friend and read about how children just like you all over the world are making it a happier place to be.

Creative Activities – Thursday, August 3

Can We Help?

After learning more about your community and what it means to live in Mathews, you have a chance to choose a project that can be done to make it better. What have you seen or learned about that you think could be made better? We’ll consider all the ideas and select one for a group project.

Discovery Day – Friday, August 4

Engineering Our World

What better way to end our summer adventure than with a trip to the Science Museum of Virginia! In the Dome at the Museum, you will have a giant screen experience intended to inspire you to DREAM BIG. You will be encouraged to question what is happening in your world and to make a difference.


Sponsored by Friends of Mathews Memorial Library