Week 3 - We Are Family

Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 25week3

A Different Look

Not so long ago, more people arrived in Mathews by boat than by car. It was a place where boats were built, farmers planted large fields and fisherman, crabbers and oysterman went out early each day in their boats. There were more schools and more country stores and grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins all lived close together. How would you describe Mathews today? What has changed? What is happening in the world that may be why life in Mathews is different? Perhaps pictures tell a better story than words so let’s take a look at the past and then talk about the present.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 26

In Our Neighborhood

People who live in cities and those who live in the country look the same, but there are many things about where they live and shop and go to school this are quite different. Stories about places like Mathews will be fun to read and show just what a fun place it is.

Creative Activities – Thursday, July 27

Be Here!

It’s time to share the good news about where you live. Today, you will be in charge of the information center. Your job is to create a website that tells the story of Mathews and provide information about the many wonderful things it has to offer. Your website will need to include a map so that visitors can find their way around. Are you ready for this very important task?

Discovery Day – Friday, July 28

Ready for Viewing

It’s time to play tourist and see how well you know your hometown. Grab your map, hop on the bus and enjoy all the special places there are to visit. You may even want to take pictures to share with family when you tell them about your trip. Make notes about your favorite place and decide if your website needs to be updated.


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