Week 2 - History - A Place to Land

Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 18

BC to CEweek2

You’re about to learn that history can be quite exciting. History is about people, where they lived and what they did. People have been in Mathews for a very long time. Those who can tell us most about this are called archaeologists and others anthropologists. We will learn from our leader from the Virginia Historical Society about these early residents - Native Americans who came to Virginia thousands of years ago, why they came and how they lived and those who came to America with John Smith and selected what is now Mathews as a place to live. It will be your challenge to discover why they chose Mathews and what they did to make it their home.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 19

The Whole Story

Where you live is not at all like it was a long, long time ago. The same rivers and the bays were here, but houses were tents or huts and travel was on horseback not a car. Stories and pictures will make it exciting to learn about people who lived here hundreds of years ago.

Creative Activities – Thursday, July 20

Urban Planning

Using what you learned on Tuesday, some of you will work with your friends to present a diorama of a pre-historic site while others will create a model of two villages – a Native American settlement and a colonial village such as those which might have been found on Gwynn’s Island.


Discovery Day – Friday, July 21

The Virginia Story

A visit to the Virginia Historic Society museum in Richmond will be a great opportunity to learn more about the Virginia Story from earliest times. The museum has created a special exhibit that explores all the history that you have learned before going. You may even find a few surprises and will have the chance to ask questions about what you see and hear.


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