Week 1 - Welcome to Our World

week1Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 11

X Marks the Spot

Mathews is quite unlike most other places. We have more miles of beach than highways but hardly anything we can call a hill. An expert geographer who teaches at Christ Church School in Middlesex, Will Smiley, will talk about where we are and how a crater helped form Mathews. We are told the earth is round so how do we “flatten it” to find our way around the earth and learn how we are related to other places. We will begin by looking at a globe and learning about longitude and latitude and what that means.


Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 12

Discovery Expedition

Brave sailors who sail farther and farther from their homes depend on mapmakers to help them find their way. You may not be sailing far away, but you can join your friends on a fun-filled discovery expedition that will be a real adventure.


Creative Activities – Thursday, July 13

Plotting a Course

From finding directions by the stars, to mapping your neighborhood, you’ll have a great time learning how to determine location on the earth and how maps can help us. A long, long time ago the Chinese created another tool called a compass for finding our way around the earth. While making a real compass can be difficult, would you like to make one? You’ll even have a chance to see if it works.


Discovery Day – Friday, July 14

37.430º N  75.3324º W

No one needs to know more about where they are going than a sailor. There are no road signs in the ocean to lead the way. Latitude and longitude are keys that help give them a clue, and the compass is the most important tool of all. We’ll learn about how sailors find their way, and more, when we go to the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News to view a very beautiful exhibit about water.


Sponsored by Friends of Mathews Memorial Library