July Program

week4Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, August 1

Get Inspired, Get Going

You’ve been given a big task – to make your community, our state, our country and the world a better place in which to live. You may think you’re not up to the task; you may ask what one person can do. Perhaps if we work together and think of what it means to be a better friend, neighbor and citizen, you will see that each of us can make a difference. Today will be your chance to start.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, August 2

Pay It Forward

You’ve heard stories and learned about where you live and who might have lived here a long time ago. Today, let’s talk about how you can be a better friend and read about how children just like you all over the world are making it a happier place to be.

Creative Activities – Thursday, August 3

Can We Help?

After learning more about your community and what it means to live in Mathews, you have a chance to choose a project that can be done to make it better. What have you seen or learned about that you think could be made better? We’ll consider all the ideas and select one for a group project.

Discovery Day – Friday, August 4

Engineering Our World

What better way to end our summer adventure than with a trip to the Science Museum of Virginia! In the Dome at the Museum, you will have a giant screen experience intended to inspire you to DREAM BIG. You will be encouraged to question what is happening in your world and to make a difference.


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Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 25week3

A Different Look

Not so long ago, more people arrived in Mathews by boat than by car. It was a place where boats were built, farmers planted large fields and fisherman, crabbers and oysterman went out early each day in their boats. There were more schools and more country stores and grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins all lived close together. How would you describe Mathews today? What has changed? What is happening in the world that may be why life in Mathews is different? Perhaps pictures tell a better story than words so let’s take a look at the past and then talk about the present.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 26

In Our Neighborhood

People who live in cities and those who live in the country look the same, but there are many things about where they live and shop and go to school this are quite different. Stories about places like Mathews will be fun to read and show just what a fun place it is.

Creative Activities – Thursday, July 27

Be Here!

It’s time to share the good news about where you live. Today, you will be in charge of the information center. Your job is to create a website that tells the story of Mathews and provide information about the many wonderful things it has to offer. Your website will need to include a map so that visitors can find their way around. Are you ready for this very important task?

Discovery Day – Friday, July 28

Ready for Viewing

It’s time to play tourist and see how well you know your hometown. Grab your map, hop on the bus and enjoy all the special places there are to visit. You may even want to take pictures to share with family when you tell them about your trip. Make notes about your favorite place and decide if your website needs to be updated.


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Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 18

BC to CEweek2

You’re about to learn that history can be quite exciting. History is about people, where they lived and what they did. People have been in Mathews for a very long time. Those who can tell us most about this are called archaeologists and others anthropologists. We will learn from our leader from the Virginia Historical Society about these early residents - Native Americans who came to Virginia thousands of years ago, why they came and how they lived and those who came to America with John Smith and selected what is now Mathews as a place to live. It will be your challenge to discover why they chose Mathews and what they did to make it their home.

Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 19

The Whole Story

Where you live is not at all like it was a long, long time ago. The same rivers and the bays were here, but houses were tents or huts and travel was on horseback not a car. Stories and pictures will make it exciting to learn about people who lived here hundreds of years ago.

Creative Activities – Thursday, July 20

Urban Planning

Using what you learned on Tuesday, some of you will work with your friends to present a diorama of a pre-historic site while others will create a model of two villages – a Native American settlement and a colonial village such as those which might have been found on Gwynn’s Island.


Discovery Day – Friday, July 21

The Virginia Story

A visit to the Virginia Historic Society museum in Richmond will be a great opportunity to learn more about the Virginia Story from earliest times. The museum has created a special exhibit that explores all the history that you have learned before going. You may even find a few surprises and will have the chance to ask questions about what you see and hear.


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week1Lemonade Lecture – Tuesday, July 11

X Marks the Spot

Mathews is quite unlike most other places. We have more miles of beach than highways but hardly anything we can call a hill. An expert geographer who teaches at Christ Church School in Middlesex, Will Smiley, will talk about where we are and how a crater helped form Mathews. We are told the earth is round so how do we “flatten it” to find our way around the earth and learn how we are related to other places. We will begin by looking at a globe and learning about longitude and latitude and what that means.


Tales to be Told – Wednesday, July 12

Discovery Expedition

Brave sailors who sail farther and farther from their homes depend on mapmakers to help them find their way. You may not be sailing far away, but you can join your friends on a fun-filled discovery expedition that will be a real adventure.


Creative Activities – Thursday, July 13

Plotting a Course

From finding directions by the stars, to mapping your neighborhood, you’ll have a great time learning how to determine location on the earth and how maps can help us. A long, long time ago the Chinese created another tool called a compass for finding our way around the earth. While making a real compass can be difficult, would you like to make one? You’ll even have a chance to see if it works.


Discovery Day – Friday, July 14

37.430º N  75.3324º W

No one needs to know more about where they are going than a sailor. There are no road signs in the ocean to lead the way. Latitude and longitude are keys that help give them a clue, and the compass is the most important tool of all. We’ll learn about how sailors find their way, and more, when we go to the Mariners’ Museum in Newport News to view a very beautiful exhibit about water.


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A Summer Youth Program Coming in July!

You live in a very special place. It is called Mathews. Can you find it on a map? Actually, you live in many places – all at the same time. They can be described in various ways from your home address to your county, to your state, to your country and to the world. The world is made of water and land which are called features. Mathews was formed in part by a very exciting event which gave it rather special features. We believe it is a very special place and our family, friends and neighbors are very special people. This summer we’ll learn about them but also about people who lived here a long, long time ago and what made them choose this place to call home.

Opening day is set for Tuesday, July 11th when we begin a month of fun, discovery and new experiences as we explore our community and its place in the world. The theme for this year’s program, “This is Us” will help us understand and appreciate the many wonders that can be found in Mathews.

We are told the earth is round but we will “flatten it” to understand how we can find our way around and learn how we are related to other places. Our adventure will take us back in history to times when those who were here looked and lived quite differently. From there, we will move to the present to explore how who we are today has changed from the past and what we can do to make a better world for the future.

Armed with lots of information, you’ll make your own discoveries about Mathews and what it means to be here. Perhaps, you’ll even want to share this exciting information with others.

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