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Through the Mathews Memorial Library I participated in an interesting Do You Hear What I Hear art workshop at the Bay School. The Artist helping us was Hunter Banks, a very inspirational and quiet person who helped me see the song and art in a whole new light. The art workshop was a good way to interpret and view the song differently. I very much enjoyed the atmosphere and would do it again. 

-Lindsey Hudgins 

Feral Youth

By: Shaun David Hutchinson

A group of ten teenagers are forced to overcome their differences in order to survive in the wild. The group of teens are trouble teens who have been sent away to camp Zeppelin Bend by their parents. Camp Zeppelin Bend is an outdoor education program designed to teach the youth what it's like to work hard, cooperation and learn compassion. They are dropped off in the woods miles away from camp with nothing but the bookbags on their backs. The only knowledge they have about surviving in the wild is the techniques that their instructor taught them for the two weeks prior. The ultimate test is surivival and learning to work together and overcome their differences in order to survive. 

Book Review:


By: Lamar Giles

Overturned is a mystery book about a man who was said to have killed his best friend in a gambling dispute. He is now sitting on death row for a crime that he may or may not have committed. When his case gets overturned and he is released from prison his daughter is not happy with the man who returns home. He is not the father she grew up with and he is determined to figure out who framed him for his best friend's murder. His daughter Nikki being stuck in the middle of this is fighting to stay out of the way but finds it very difficult when she realizes she is fighting for her own life. She is trapped in the middle of his mess and is waiting for graduation so she can pack up and leave that life behind. 

Book Review:

This is Where It Ends

By: Marieke Nijkamp

This is Where It Ends is a story told from the perspective of four students over fifty-four minutes while one student acts on his plans to revenge on his school. It becomes a game of fighting to stay alive through a terrifying time. Each chapter covers 2-3 minutes of their ordeal as they try to survive and escape. This compelling unforgettable story will leave you wanting more.

book review this is where it ends

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